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Learn how HSA Bank can help people to own their health and guide them through a changing, Consumer-Directed Healthcare (CDH) landscape. As a trusted leader in CDH, we provide expert insights about healthcare-related issues that are important to you.

Learn How HSAs Can Help Bridge the Retirement Savings Gap

The rising cost of healthcare has led to an increased focus on the need for both short- and long-term savings to fund these expenses. Employers, benefit consultants, and financial advisors are seeking additional tools that can be used to help employees plan for healthcare costs they will face throughout their lifetime, particularly during retirement years. Download the white paper to learn about the benefits of HSAs, and why HSAs can be an integral part of a holistic retirement strategy.

CDH Insights

Find Out What Health Plan Professionals Envision for the Future Healthcare System

The report summarizes findings from a survey of health plan professionals and provides insight on key issues facing the U.S. healthcare system related to healthcare reform improvements, the structure of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and consumer understanding of health plan coverage. Download the report for an insider perspective from health plan professionals.

CDH Insights

HSAs: An Opportunity for Achieving Health and Wealth

You’ve likely heard that Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are gaining recognition as a valuable tool for retirement savings due to their triple tax advantage and investment opportunities. During a web seminar, employers, brokers and financial advisors learned how they can contribute to increased awareness and adoption of HSAs as a key component of a holistic retirement strategy, when combined with traditional retirement tools (401k and IRA). Watch the recording to learn about the retirement savings gap and what you can do to support your employees or clients.

Learn How Recent Legislative Efforts Favor Health Savings Accounts

The reform of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was high on the to-do list of the GOP heading into 2017, and we've seen these legislative efforts surrounding healthcare materialize with the passing of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) in the House of Representatives. As passed by the House, AHCA has six specific impacts on Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Consumer-Directed Healthcare (CDH). Download the perspective paper to learn why these changes are substantial and how they will positively impact individuals' ability to own their health.

Find Out About Employer Responsibilities for HSA Plans Under the DOL Fiduciary Standards

If you're working with or considering working with a non-bank custodian with an omnibus structure, do you know where the funds are located and how they are being protected? What criteria is the vendor using to vet the banks? How often are the banks being evaluated? This paper, a follow-up to our previous white paper entitled, "DOL Fiduciary Standards: Potential Impact on HSAs," written by Kevin Robertson, HSA Bank's Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, highlights some of the foundational components to ensure compliance with DOL regulations, especially as they pertain to employers offering HSAs within their benefit structures. Download our white paper today to start preparing for the future.

Learn More About the Potential Impact of the DOL's Fiduciary Standards Guidance

What does the Department of Labor's regulatory fiduciary standards guidance really mean and how can you be prepared? This white paper, written by Kevin Robertson, HSA Bank's Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, details the impact the changes could have on many aspects of retirement plans and some aspects of health benefits like Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Download our white paper today to start preparing for the future.

Now is the Time to Plan for the Cadillac Tax

What is the Cadillac Tax? How will the tax be applied? Why is it being delayed? This brief, written by Kevin Robertson, HSA Bank's Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, helps to answer these questions and more as employers, unions, and others prepare for the date when the Cadillac Tax will take effect. Download our brief today to start preparing for the future.

Health Savings Accounts: Achieving Optimal Results for Employer Programs

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) continue to grow in popularity. If you or your clients are considering offering a consumer-directed health plan with an HSA, this white paper will provide a framework and context for developing a successful HSA program. Download our white paper today to achieve your optimal results.