Frequently Asked Questions


Health Plans


Benefit Consultants

Agents/Brokers FAQs

What happens when records are rejected through Electronic Enrollment?
What is the timeline for account opening?
When is an HSA considered established by the IRS?
When can my clients start funding their employees' accounts?
When can my employees expect to receive debit cards and/or checks?
Will accounts open when an employee's identity cannot be verified through HSA Bank's automated process?
Can HSA Bank work with my client's payroll vendor so that contributions can be deducted from their employees' paychecks?
How are employer contributions viewed by the IRS? Can my client's employees deduct employer contributions from their taxes?
What is a Section 125 plan? How do we set one up?
What is the "daily limit" for contributions made via the Employer Admin Site?
How can I ensure I get credit for my referrals to HSA Bank?
How can I track my referrals or change my commission preferences?

Health Plans FAQs

Does HSA Bank have experience dealing with health plans?
What do those relationships look like?
What type of HSA member service can our members expect?
What type of service can our employer groups expect?
If we chose to work with HSA Bank for HSAs, will we need another vendor for other benefit accounts?
So HSA Bank can provide a one-source solution to integrate with health plan carriers?

Exchanges FAQs

What is the difference between a public and private health insurance exchange?
What is the connection between insurance purchased on an exchange and a Health Savings Account (HSA)?
Why an HSA Bank HSA?
Are there any additional reasons for my clients to open HSAs at HSA Bank alongside coverage purchased on an exchange?
The insurance carrier with which my client purchased coverage requires use of a different HSA vendor. Can my client still work with HSA Bank?
Will the Affordable Care Act impact HSA features or eligibility?

Benefit Consultants FAQs

Why do benefit consultants work with HSA Bank?
How does the relationship between HSA Bank and benefit consultants work?
We've established a relationship, now what?
So we've prescribed a CDH solution, HSA Bank has provided a proposal and our client has chosen HSA Bank. Now what?
What makes HSA Bank a good choice to recommend to our clients?
Does HSA Bank offer tools that empower our employer clients?
How can I begin a relationship with my Regional Representative?