Wellness Solutions

Wellness Complements CDH Plans

Wellness incentives create a culture of health with consumer-directed health plans. When employers engage their employees in their health, they have an opportunity to not only lower healthcare costs, but play a role in healthier and more productive employees.

One of the easiest wellness incentives is to offer an additional HSA or HRA contribution to employees who complete a health and wellness initiative. And when wellness contributions are made, we'll make sure to encourage employees along the way with wellness-specific messages including descriptions on their account statements.

At HSA Bank, we can integrate with a variety of wellness activity tools and vendors, making it easy for your employers to work with us on their wellness initiatives.

Pair our account-based benefit solutions to your wellness incentive program to maximize the return in your CDH program. Incentive points can be converted into dollars, which can go into a Wellness-specific account, an HRA, or an HSA.

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