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Tools to Manage Your Healthcare Savings

At HSA Bank, we want to make sure you can easily manage your health accounts. Using technology and innovation to simplify healthcare management, our account features put you in control to make informed health finance decisions.

myHealth PortfolioSM

A complete picture of your health account enables you to make smart and informed decisions. myHealth Portfolio is a self-service dashboard located in our Member Website that allows you to:

  • Store health expense data and receipts.

  • File claims or distribution requests.

  • Initiate a provider payment.

  • Consolidate health expenses and claims from multiple insurance providers.*

  • View an easy to read snapshot of your healthcare finances with charts and graphs.

myHealth Portfolio(SM)

Expense Tracker

Storing and organizing healthcare expenses and receipts can be difficult to manage. As part of the myHealth Portfolio features, our Expense Tracker helps you organize and store your healthcare receipts, medical claims, premiums, and other important documents in one place. You can take a picture of the documents from your mobile device or scan them with a printer or scanner. You can decide to pay from your account now, pay later, or store for your records.

Payment Manager and Online Bill Pay

Initiating payment for IRS-qualified expenses is easy. Our Payment Manager feature allows you to make payments for expenses stored in your Expense Tracker from your HSA Bank account(s). You can also pay medical providers through our online bill pay or reimburse yourself for healthcare expenses.

HSA Bank Mobile App

HSA Bank Mobile is all about giving you the tools to take control of and better manage your health accounts. Safe and secure, HSA Bank Mobile offers real-time access for all your account needs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s simple, intuitive, and convenient. Use your Apple or Android powered device to:

  • Check account balances.

  • View account activity.

  • Move money to your HSA by scheduling a contribution.

  • Schedule an HSA distribution to pay a provider or reimburse yourself for an IRS-qualified medical expense.

  • Review and verify IRS-qualified medical expenses.

  • File FSA/HRA claims with receipt images.

  • Enter a new health expense into the Expense Tracker.

  • Easy access to the Client Assistance Center.

You can download HSA Bank Mobile for free from iTunes or Google Play.**

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you can use the app, you must be registered on the Member Website. Without a registered account, you will not be able to access any of the app’s functionality.

HSA Bank Mobile

Member Website

HSA Bank's Member Website allows you to easily manage your Health Savings Account. You are able to:

  • Check your balance and account activity.

  • Add an authorized signer to your account.

  • Order additional debit cards.

  • Open a self-directed HSA investment account or manage existing investments at a glance.

  • Set up account notifications and view statements.

  • Add a beneficiary to your account.

  • Access important forms related to your Health Savings Account.

As a member you are able to make online contributions and distributions to your HSA through the Member Website. You can set up one-time or recurring contributions so you can always be sure your HSA is appropriately funded.


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