File Modernization FAQ


Learn more about enhancements made and what you can expect with your partner-integrated enrollment file.

If you want to continue to administer your plan(s) with HSA Bank, please contact Business Relations at 855-731-5221 to request to work directly with HSA Bank. If you leave both HSA Bank and BCBSIL, BCBSMT, BCBSNM, BCBSOK or BCBSTX, contact Business Relations to request termination of your setup. Business Relations will assist with your request and deactivate invoicing, if applicable.

Confirmation isn’t needed.

Yes. We're sunsetting the existing integrated enrollment file. If you wish to continue using integrated enrollment, the conversion must be completed.

The new file will:

  • Process demographic changes (address, home phone number, marital status, gender, division and high-deductible health plan (HDHP) coverage level).

  • Allow for Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (HC-FSA), Limited-Purpose Flexible Spending Account (LP-FSA) and Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) product enrollments, where applicable.

  • Standardly switch employment status to terminated when there are no longer active plans for that member, as of the last day of each month (rather than weekly, as received on the file).

  • Send enrollments to HSA Bank no sooner than 30 days prior to effective date (rather than as soon as processed with BCBSIL, BCBSMT, BCBSNM, BCBSOK or BCBSTX if prior to 30 days before the plan effective date).

Since name, date of birth and Social Security number changes require documentation, employees must make these changes directly with HSA Bank. Your employees should also make email address changes with HSA Bank on the Member Website or by calling the Client Assistance Center.

Alternative enrollment methods, including auto-enrollment templates and group online enrollment, won’t be available for employers who use the integrated enrollment file. All enrollments and changes must be sent on the integrated file.

No. Demographic changes, except for email address changes, must be sent on the integrated enrollment file.

Employees should update their demographic information with you, their employer. Then you send that information to BCBSIL, BCBSMT, BCBSNM, BCBSOK or BCBSTX. BCBSIL, BCBSMT, BCBSNM, BCBSOK or BCBSTX will include the updated demographic information on the integrated enrollment file to HSA Bank.

Standard processing moving forward will be that all terminations will process from the file on the last day of the month once the employee no longer has active plans.