Your Health Savings Account Basics

It's easy to use your Health Savings Account (HSA)! Read on to learn the basics, and how you can utilize your HSA for healthcare expenses now and for growing retirement savings.

Understanding Your HSA

An HSA is a unique tax-advantaged account designed to both pay for current healthcare expenses and help you save for the future.

Here's what that means and how you benefit:


Add money to it, tax-free.

Use it to pay for eligible medical expenses, tax-free.

Gain interest, tax-free. And, invest your money if you'd like.

Your HSA dollars are yours forever. They stay with you, year over year, even if you change jobs, change insurance, or retire.


Set an amount to be taken out of your paycheck automatically — Work with your employer to arrange this payroll deduction.


Transfer or roll over money from another HSA by filling out either the Direct Transfer Request Form or Rollover Request Form.

Online Transfer

Schedule a one-time or recurring online transfer. You can easily move money from a checking account to your HSA by logging into your account and clicking "Pay Bill/Contribute" and then "Add Bank Account."


Write a check and include it with the Contribution Form.

Investing Your HSA

Money in your HSA can be invested to grow your retirement savings. Choose one of the self-directed investment options1 from TD Ameritrade or Devenir, then log into your account and click "Manage Investments" to open your chosen investment account.

Tips for Simple Saving

Check Your Balance

Log into your online account or our free mobile app to view your HSA balance. Online, this will read "Cash Account" in blue.

Know the Limits

View the IRS-dictated HSA limits to ensure your contributions don't exceed the maximum amounts for that year.

Prepare for Expenses

Fund your HSA so that your balance could pay for short-term medical expenses. Use the HSA Contribution Calculator to plan your contributions, one paycheck at a time.

Debit Card

Pay with your HSA Bank
Health Benefits Debit Card.

Online Bill Pay

Pay a provider directly through your online account or our mobile app.

Write a check

Order a book of 50 through your account. It could take up to three weeks to recieve your checks.

Know What You Can Pay For

View a list of common eligible medical expenses dictated by the IRS, or search specific medical expenses individually on Easily scan items using the eligible expense scanner on our mobile app.

How to Pay for Expenses If There's Not Money in Your HSA

Pay out of pocket and then pay yourself back from your HSA by using your debit card at an ATM2, transferring funds to a linked external bank account, or writing yourself a check.

Where Your Card Will Work

Pay for visits at places such as doctor and dentist offices, hospitals, pharmacies, and vision centers where eligible healthcare services are provided.

Use your card at places that sell eligible healthcare items. View a list of common eligible medical expenses dictated by the IRS or search for specific medical expenses individually.

Your debit card can be used for point-of-sale transactions in two ways, signature or PIN.

For signature, swipe card, press credit on the keypad, and sign the receipt.

To pay using a PIN2, swipe your card, select debit on the keypad, and enter your PIN. At an ATM2, be sure to select the "checking" option (not savings) when asked the type of account you are withdrawing from.

Tips for Easy Use

Watch for your debit card

Once your account is open, your debit card should arrive within 7–10 business days in a separate mailing from your Welcome Kit.

Stay within spending limits

Pay yourself back, or charge eligible expenses, up to $5,000 per day. If you must use an ATM, limit your daily debit or checking transactions to $300 or your current balance – whichever is less.

Get additional debit cards

Order a debit card for a spouse, partner, or relative who is 18 years or older. First, log into your account and click “Profile Summary” to add an authorized signer or dependent. Then, issue them a debit card under “Banking/Cards.”

Report lost or stolen cards

Log into your account and click “Banking/Cards” under the Accounts menu, and click “Report Lost/Stolen” under the impacted card. Contact the Client Assistance Center at 855-731-5213. They’re available 24/7.