New account features put you in control of your healthcare expenses

With myHealth Portfolio, you'll have a self-service, online dashboard that gives you the complete picture of your HSA contributions and payments to providers as well as medical claims and healthcare expenses. It puts you in control and shows you the way to make informed, health finance decisions.

  • Use the Dashboard to organize and store your healthcare receipts, medical claims, premiums, and important documents in one place. Simply scan in bills and receipts from a laptop or take a picture from your mobile device. You decide to pay from your account now, pay later, or simply store for your records - it's like an electronic "shoebox".
  • The Payment Manager makes it easy for you to initiate payment for items stored in your Dashboard from your HSA. For eligible medical expenses you can pay medical providers through online bill pay or reimburse yourself for healthcare expenses.
  • Download the Mobile App for access to your account info on the go. Use your iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) or Android-powered device to check available account balances and view transaction details or to submit receipts using your mobile device's camera.
New HSA Account Features
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