What is an Adoption Assistance Plan?

An Adoption Assistance Plan is a voluntary employer-sponsored program that lets employees set aside pre-tax money, under a cafeteria plan (Section 125 plan) to allow reimbursements for expenses related to the adoption of a child.

Qualified adoption-related expenses include adoption agency fees, court costs, attorney fees, and travel expenses.

Why offer an Adoption Assistance Plan?

An Adoption Assistance Plan is an excellent way to enhance employee recruitment and retention by showing commitment to not only their health and wellness, but their family life. Plus, you’re able to offer a benefit with a high perceived value but potentially low actual cost based on how many employees will use it.  

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The employee elects the Adoption Assistance Plan during annual benefits open enrollment.

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Claim eligibility is based on date of service of expense, regardless of when an employee is billed or paid for the service.

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Employees submit expenses for reimbursement with the Adoption Reimbursement Form.

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Once expenses are approved, employees may get reimbursed up to the maximum contribution limit per plan year.

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