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Solutions You'll be Proud to Recommend

When thousands of active business partners across the country prescribe Consumer-Directed Healthcare account solutions, they're recommending options from HSA Bank. Those benefit professionals – some with the nations' top consulting groups – are confident in the ability of HSA Bank to follow through and help meet the challenges of the more than 30,000 employer groups we serve.

Our partnership with these consultants has helped HSA Bank grow to become the largest HSA custodian in the U.S. This growth is a result of our intense focus on account-based benefits and delivering world-class customer service.

Some of the HSA Bank offerings that have proven especially helpful to consultants are the ability to receive eligibility and/or contribution file feeds from almost all payroll, HRIS, enrollment & benefit administration vendors. We also are the integrated or preferred administrator/custodian for numerous National & Regional Health Plans and Third Party Administrators. Those professionals have called out our superior offerings in: Direct health plan integration, Tier 1 and Tier 2 service coordination, and SSO capabilities.

We also provide custodial and trustee services to other CDH administrators and financial institutions.

Using the HSA Plan Setup, sign up clients today for HSA Bank's HSA program.