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Why Choose HSA Bank As Your Plan Administrator?


Products We Service

HSA Bank services an array of tax-advantaged accounts and administrative solutions designed to help employers better manage health insurance costs, offer greater depth and flexibility in benefit packages, and promote healthy lifestyles.


Partnering with HSA Bank comes with a wealth of advantages. Advantages honed through years of experience as an industry leader and innovative HSA administrator, and evidenced in unwavering stability.

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HSA Bank is both the custodian and administrator, a unique distinction in the industry, ensuring that employees aren’t subject to custodial relationship changes.

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Your employees can keep their HSA with HSA Bank, even if you choose a different health insurer. This ensures consistent and reliable service.

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HSA Bank provides unique opportunities to invest HSA funds in self-directed investment options. Visit our HSA Investment Options page for more information.


At HSA Bank, our commitment to you doesn’t begin and end with great products. That’s why we offer an array of services designed to complement these products, and foster success for you and your employees.

  • Customized Program Design

  • Dedicated Account Management

  • 24/7 World-Class Call Center Support

  • Easy Online Account Administration

  • Enrollment and Eligibility Management

  • On-Demand Employer Reporting

  • Engagement Materials and Communications

  • Multiple Account Funding Options

Experience The HSA Bank Difference

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